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Testimonial - Overcoming Cancer

David M. London

David M. London

During the whole of 2016 I had been suffering from a stomach problem that seemed to be never ending, the pain was constant and at times made breathing difficult. My wife encouraged me to go to the local GP, but I had reservations about this and decided that it would go away in time. My problem continued throughout the year, and I made the decision to go and visit the doctors.

I was diagnosed with a tumour in late December 2016 and was immediately transferred to a specialist in a large hospital for further examination. During these examinations, I had the misfortune of being informed that the tumour was in fact Cancer of the Duodenum. These words were truly devastating to both me and my family, and further tests were programmed to see if the cancer had spread to any other organs or whether an operation would be worthwhile.

My wife knew of Lucia and initially asked me if I would consider having some sessions with her. Having been a skeptic, I was at first very reluctant to do this, but decided to ‘give it a go.’

I spoke with Lucia but she never asked me about my condition or what the doctors had informed me, she (Lucia) began to inform me that my cancer was very small and hadn’t moved anywhere else in my system, and that I would be operated on and it would cure me. Lucia began performing 2 hour sessions on my body.

I returned to the medical facility to receive my scan results and was informed that my cancer was small and hadn’t moved anywhere else in my body, and that an operation would be a cure it. This news confirmed to me that Lucia had known previously without any knowledge regarding my condition and outcome.

I returned home and again Lucia began working on my body, and it was during this period that I began to see and have clear and vivid experiences. 

At the early stages of my consultations with Lucia, the visions I began to see were hard to understand but comforting. As time went on I began to feel and see what I class now as an out of body experience: I went through the universe looking back at earth. This experience did not scare me as I could see a light in the distance. Once near the light I saw my deceased parents who gave me reassurances that I would be ok. On one occasion, I had a vision of a very large golden book that I stood in front of. This book was on a large golden pedestal. As I looked at this book it turned the page on its own. I never got close to the book, nor did I see what was written on it, but I knew this book was important to me.

As time went on and my operationcame closer, I began to see very large golden doors, there were many doors which were in 2 main rows. Only one door was open. As I was able to get closer to this door I could see through the door but was unable to enter. As I peered into the door opening, I could see that on the other side of this open door the sky was clear blue with sparse, very light, fluffy clouds. I had a feeling that this was my new life after the operation, a new start, a new life change.

As my medical procedure drew closer I began to feel that everything I had experienced had a meaning for me and that I would be able to survive my operation, but more importantly, be able to continue my life better and stronger than before.

On the day of my Operation, Lucia wanted my wife to keep a symbol near me or in the hospital, and that she would keep me in her care throughout the procedure. My procedure lasted 11.5 hours, and moments before I was due to be moved from the operating room to the recovery suite, Lucia sent a message to my wife to inform her that they had completed the procedure and that everything had gone extremely well. Moments later the surgeon phoned my wife and informed her that the procedure was complete and that it had gone extremely well, and they had removed the cancer.

Immediately after my surgery, I awoke and felt good within myself considering how much of my internal organs had been removed. I felt so strong that in less than 10hrs I was out of my bed and sitting in the high dependency ward, which stunned the medical team, and after just 1 week in hospital I was sent home to recover further. The surgeon had informed me that my rehabilitation would take up to 1 year, and that it was a life changing procedure.

Once at home, Lucia continued to work with me on my recovery, and the visions continued, with nightly vivid experiences of several figures working on my spiritual being and informing me that ‘everything would be ok soon’- and after one week at home I began to walk outside, building myself, and in no time I was walking up to 6km walks.

I returned two months later to see the consultant who was amazed that my recovery was so advanced. He couldn’t believe that I had walked unaided into the hospital.

I have no doubt that Lucia helped me release my inner spiritual healing process. As I said previously, I was a skeptic, but this experience has truly opened my eyes and mind. I have tremendous admiration for Lucia, who I have no doubt was the driving force behind this amazing experience and contributed to me being able to overcome my illness quickly and with success.

With deep Appreciation

David M. 


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