Lucia Dashkevich is a Metaphysical Lightworker who has more than 40 years of experience.

Testimonial - Improving in All Aspects

Julia R. Chicago

Julia R. Chicago

What can I say about Lucy?! I am grateful to her beyond all measure for so many gifts I received from her. Grateful for learning to live without worries and fears. Grateful for learning to live intuitively, listening to my heart as a primary source of my truth. Grateful for improved health, relationships and peace of mind.

I have been her client, student and friend for a few years. Love her healing sessions and yoga classes. To me, being in one, is like being in a sacred higher dimensional temple. I am grateful to her for teaching me the healing modality of Belvaspata. I use it almost daily to help myself and my family. Without Lucy's guidance, intuition, and vast experience with clients, I could not figure out how to use Belvaspata.

Lucia is such a generous teacher and healer who gives so much of her Light, Wisdom and Knowledge in every communication with a client or student, committed to empowering everyone to become self-sufficient.

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