Lucia Dashkevich is a Metaphysical Lightworker who has more than 40 years of experience.

Testimonial - A Full Transformation

Monique - IL

Monique - IL

Have a beautiful day!

On a serious note...thank you for everything!!! You have helped me transform my heart, my mind, my struggles, my experiences, my feelings, my emotions, my soul and my reactions. Most importantly I am calmer and less likely to react to my stresses and feel things first!! I've always wanted & needed answers. You have truly shown me through your GRACEFUL-NESS & PEACEFUL-NESS that the answers truly are within MYSELF!!!!!!

It is often used as a "CLICHE", to look inside one's self for the answers. You have shown me how to find those answers from within. I never realized how much as humans we tend to look for the answers or blame everyone else who affects us!

I called you my teacher the other day, but you are more than a teacher, you are my friend are a MASTER TEACHER! That is very different.

May God continue to bless you and keep you strong & healthy & amazingly loving.

With much love, respect & gratitude,


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