Lucia Dashkevich is a Metaphysical Lightworker who has more than 40 years of experience.

Testimonial - Healing A Disease

Else Huisman The Netherlands

Else Huisman The Netherlands

Due to a chronic disease I have tried many therapies, medication and diets, but none did really improve my health situation in a positive way on a longer term. As I was searching for new answers, the healing modality Belvaspata came on my way. I felt very attracted to experience the healings powers of the Angels through their immense love and their elimination of illusions that cause disease. I asked strongly inside to find a therapist that could help me to really improve my health, and I was led to Lucy. Immediately the contact felt right, and I was so happy! And I still am... From the beginning Lucia has told me that she would help me to recover and become healthy again, though I was the one who would do it.

My body is recovering again, and the chronic inflammation is getting less and less. Besides the energy healing Lucia has taught me some tools to maintain my energy field, which had actually become life saving. I have received so much more from Lucy than I could ever imagine... 

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